Nightmare Foods – What to Avoid For a Healthy Night of Sleep

The most delicious foods are some of the hardest to digest. That is why it’s hard to believe that some of our favorite foods can bring on nightmares. Yet, can food cause nightmares? This question has been on everyone’s mind this Halloween. I’m going to show you how nightmare foods make your night when you’re not even awake.


Processed foods, especially refined sugars and white flour, can bring on a nightmare if you eat too much of them. Nightmare foods include cookies, cakes, candy, soft drinks, tinned foods, instant noodles, white bread, potato chips, and rice. Yes, the Nightmare Before Christmas foods that made us fat were all this stuff. It’s good to know that some of these processed foods are now being reduced in both nutrition and calorie content.

But is that the answer? Nightmare foods have gone from bad to worse. The new foods on the block are all unhealthy and filled with preservatives and chemicals. Unfortunately, your average grocery store now carries at least one type of processed food, and fast food chains are rolling them out like they’re giving away chocolate. Nightmare before Christmas foods such as pasta sauces, soups, stews, potato chips, and “health” cookies are high in calories, sugar, and salt.


Can Nightmare foods such as cookies, cakes, and potato chips really turn on those who eat them? This is actually one of the questions I get asked the most. Well, if you look into it a little bit deeper, I think you’ll agree that some of the foods we used to eat as children can also bring sleepless nights when we grow up.

The Nightmare food of the moment, according to some experts, are packaged foods such as soda pop, chocolate bars, cookies, potato chips, and even hot dogs. If you want to know more about these Nightmare foods of the past, you can visit the website Consumer Reports to read more about the latest findings. One substance that was found in higher concentrations in foods of the past are sodium benzoate. Sodium benzoate is a preservative used to preserve foods such as eggs, milk, and fish. This substance was banned in many countries around the globe because of its health hazards, especially to those with kidney diseases. It was also found in a number of products including laundry detergents, shampoos, mouthwash, and suntan lotions.

So, you’re probably wondering, can Nightmare foods such as cookies, cakes, and potato chips actually be linked to poor personal growth during the holidays? Well, actually there are a lot of studies that show that these particular foods can trigger a variety of illnesses for people who consume them on a regular basis. One of the most dangerous foods that contain sodium benzoate and the number one culprit is cookies, cakes, and hot dog rolls. It was even said to be linked to a lot of cases of cancer among adults. It seems the link between Nightmare foods and personal growth might be in how many people are now turning to foods that contain these chemicals in order to make their diets more safe.

If you’re looking for foods that can help you battle the Nightmare foods that plague your body today, you can start by eating more fruits and vegetables. When you eat more fruits and vegetables in your diet, you are taking a positive step towards fighting off the toxins that are Nightmare foods. You can also add more soy lecithin to your diet as well to help make your body more alkaline. Saturated fats are not the enemy when it comes to battling the various ailments and illnesses that plague our bodies.


Eating more fruits and vegetables is only the first step in the fight against Nightmare foods. In addition to eating more fruits and vegetables, a great way to start out the process of being healthier is to take a look at foods that contain lecithin. Saturated fats and sodium benzoate are two of the foods that can cause a wide array of ailments and illnesses for those that eat them on a regular basis. By using soy lecithin and other safe natural ingredients such as aloe vera and more, you can turn around the clock on your Nightmare years.

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