Tips to Remember For a Better Nights Sleep

How to have good dreams and remember them? Lucky for you, today’s article is going to share with you some tips to improve your sleep. Most people don’t realize they have this power to control exactly what they dream of.

Scientists have proven this over again. It really all depends on what you hope to achieve. If you are trying to lose weight, good dreams can help you achieve that. You may even be able to lose weight while having bad dreams about food or being overweight. How is this possible?


Have you ever had a nightmare about being in an automobile accident? Or had a nightmare about riding a roller coaster? Do you remember how your stomach would hurt the next day? Did you stop bad dream thinking about these things?

There is a scientific reason for why this happens. You may be able to control which dreams come true. Here is how to have good dreams and remember them.


Learn how to listen to good sounds. When you sleep, you hear about two things: the sound of your own breathing as well as that of other people’s breathing. If you have negative thoughts that are keeping you from sleeping, you will wake up with bad dreams. The thing you need to fix is the negative thoughts.

Remind yourself of the good times you had in your sleep. If you have bad dreams, chances are that you also have bad thoughts. Remember how you felt when you were holding a baby? Or how you felt on that special day when you proposed to her? These good memories keep the positivity in your head and help you get into dreamland.

If you cannot fall asleep during sleeping time, the answer is not to worry too much. If you are sleeping well, then chances are that you did not have terrible dreams. You may have had stressful events in life, but sleeping well could trigger good dreams later on. This is one great way to stop nightmares from occurring.


The next time you face a nightmare, try reading a good book beforehand. Reading before bedtime helps you calm your nerves and settle down. It also gives you ideas on how to handle the stressful situation when you finally go to sleep. Your imagination is more active while you are fast asleep. So, when you start having problems sleeping, remember to use some of these examples when you try to sleep post shared.


– Think happy. You should try to think happy thoughts because stress is one of the most common causes of nightmares. When you are lying in bed, you should make yourself feel relaxed and comfortable. When you think of bad things, it will trigger your imagination and you will have your worst nightmare. Try to remember happy thoughts and avoid thinking about dark and depressing topics.

– Avoid eating late at night. Being overweight is one of the major causes for nightmares. If you often skip meals, chances are, your body will be overworked and have more problems falling asleep. This will cause bad dreams because you will be experiencing intense pain while trying to sleep.

– Sleep on your side. Even though you may wake up with stomach pains, snoring or headaches, sleeping on your stomach may trigger bouts of insomnia. This means that your body will not be in a state to receive the necessary nutrients needed for good dreams. Try sleeping on your back to help your body receive enough sleep.

These are only a few tips. You can actually use the examples mentioned above as simple guides. Keep in mind that they are meant to provide a guideline so that you can have a better night sleep. Do not worry if you do not follow all of them. You may be surprised how effective they can be. As long as you follow them, you will surely enjoy a better dreams.

Another tip is to remember that your body does not require sleeping for a mere five minutes. You can have a good and relaxing sleep for as long as you want. You just have to remember that sleeping is a form of relaxation.


You should also be aware that sleeping is not a race but a process of relaxation. A good way to relax is to follow a proven hypnosis technique. Once you follow these simple steps, you will surely be able to have a peaceful sleep.

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